Cover Images for FlashWire (was Deus)

A friend of a friend of mine put together two lovely images for the front cover of FlashWire.  As is my wont, I’ve been tinkering with colours and lettering, and now have 10 images, 5 of each original, and I wouldn’t mind some help in deciding which one to use.  I like all of them, which isn’t much help.  The images are:







Imagetest 1B


ImageTest 1C


ImageTest 1D












ImageTest 2D


So, which would you choose?



  1. I like quite a few of these! Now, this is very much YMMV, but I don’t think your name is clear enough on 1A/1B. My favorite image is test1. I love the way his face is in shadows, making me wonder who what he looks like, who he is. I also like the lines/shiny stuff (my, I’m eloquent tonight…) in this one. They’re not too bright, and I can pick out a lot of details.


  2. I think that there’s too much pale colour in 1A and 1B, so there’s not enough contrast with the white lettering. But there’s also too much going on to make the reversed-out lettering a different colour. I think you’re right – those two are probably out of the running. Thanks!


  3. I had a hard time scrolling back through them–I think it would have been easier to see which ones I liked if I could see them all at the same time–but I have to go with 1D myself. I like the cooler colors and as someone else said, the lettering is clearer there too. What program are you using? This is pretty cool!


    • It’s done in Photoshop – I’m a tyro with it, but I do like playing. I was inclining towards 1D until Jess, below, commented that it looked like his nipple was exploding. Now I’m sort of sad about that while laughing my socks off.


  4. At first I was torn between Test1 and Test2 simply because of the colors, then I realized what was bugging me about Test1 — it looks like his nipple’s exploding. I like the placement of the light strands much better in Test2.

    lady_alys from LJ


  5. I like either test 1b or 2b, mainly because, while a book cover should be eye catching, I don’t think it should be *too* eye catching.


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