Sharing a Right Guid Willie-waught

I’m beginning to think that the traditional end of year round up is about as welcome as the annual Christmas letter you get from dear Auntie Maude, detailing every cut and stitch of her last gynaecological operation. But it also seems to be de rigueur. There’s no getting out of it.

Besides, I really wouldn’t want to let 2015 go unmarked. But perhaps as a visual aid?



Happy new year, everyone. May 2016 bring you all health and happiness.



  1. Hey there. I read the Gilded Scarab when it came out and I loved it. I wrote you an email and you gave me a lovely reply. I also have the other two books on my Kindle App on my mobile.

    I hope you have a rocking new year and may 2016 bring you good things.

    From Sally


    • Hi Sally

      Don’t worry! I have the blog set so I approve replies to posts (to cut down the number of spam comments I was getting), so only one has gone through.

      I remember you writing to me — it’s always nice to get appreciative comments! — and I’m delighted that Rafe and Ned have stayed in your memory. I hope to start on the follow-up book in January.

      I hooe you have a great 2016!



      • Oh cool I can’t wait to read the follow up to The Guilded Scarab as I so want to know what happened to them.

        In the way that some fictional characters can do they have made their way in to my heart.


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