Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays, a short story of just over 5000 words, has been published by Dreamspinner Pressas part of their Cuddling Anthology.  The anthology shows couples in established relationships rekindling the fire and romance.

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In Happy Holidays, John Hogarth and Kit Lewis met in art college and hooked up there, both professionally and personally. Fifteen years on, they’re running Hogarth Lewis together—a small, but growing, branding and design agency that’s garnering work from some of NYC’s finest institutions and starting to make inroads with larger corporations and significant industry players. They have just landed their biggest contract yet with Bowyer Industries. On the professional front, they’re up and coming.

Kit wants to keep their personal life up and coming too. Feeling that after fifteen years it may be time to make sure John isn’t bored, he comes up with a creative way of injecting a little romance and excitement into their relationship by planning a series of seductions based on celebrating various major holidays from around the world. John doesn’t object to celebrating Physical Activity and Exercise Day in Japan, or the Landing of the Thirty-Three Orientales in Uruguay, but his personal favorite may turn out to be the Day of Union of Eastern Romalia with the Bulga. He particularly likes Kit’s dedication to serial and frequent reunions…


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Kit slithered over him, skin to skin, to give him a kiss that threatened to take John’s soul out through his lips and left him complaining when Kit shifted away to straddle over John’s legs. Only then did Kit touch him properly and only with his fingertips. He stroked careful little shapes over the outside of John’s thighs, keeping everything symmetrical so John’s hips were cocooned between Kit’s hands. Kit’s fingertips moved up and across John’s thighs, skirting his balls and dick, and, as John parted his legs, kept up those precise little shapes as they moved round onto John’s inner thighs, up to the crease at the very top and slowly, very slowly and feather light, down to John’s knees.

Cuddling_bookmarkV_DSPThe light touch was maddening. John wanted more, wanted harder, wanted to know what in hell it was Kit was drawing on his skin. Most of all, he wanted more and harder. Kit’s fingertips touched and smoothed while John twisted, arching his back and whining out a complaining “Kit!”

Kit moved quickly up to straddle the tops of John’s thighs and swooped down to smother the next whining complaint in John’s throat, stopping John’s mouth with his own. They were pressed chest to chest. John’s nipples peaked at the contact, rubbing against Kit’s chest, and heat pooled down between his legs. His hips heaved and he let his mouth curve into a smile under Kit’s, letting Kit know how much he liked this. He lifted his hips and rotated them, to rub his dick up against the sensitive area between Kit’s thighs. It was Kit’s turn to do a little whining.

John chuckled, tilting back his head to let Kit lick his throat in long sweeps of his tongue up over John’s chin. Another deep and dirty kiss. Very deep. Very dirty. John liked that. So Kit did it again. And again, before working his way back down John’s throat, using lips and tongue to feel and taste the skin before licking down John’s breastbone with broad, wet strokes. Kit was bent at an angle, bowing his back and shifting his ass down over John’s legs, his fingers painting invisible shapes… hearts. They were little hearts. Kit’s fingers painted invisible hearts over John’s skin as he went.


A selection of reviews of Happy Holidays

4****  M/M Good Book Reviews on 30 August 2013.  “… Oh, the humor bleeding in the lines of the text is delicious. You just gotta love Anna’s playfulness. Ah, I’m still laughing with this story. It’s fun-tastic! Meh I just loved these guys… Did I say I loved this little story? No? Damn, oh well, I loooved it! There!”


4**** review over at Hearts on Fire Reviews from Lucy on 08 November: Happy Holidays by Anna Butler –Rated 4.  Loved the whole idea of Kit’s “never want it to be just ordinary for you”.  Fifteen years together and he wants things to be “fun and exciting and wonderful” and then he actually goes about making that happen.  Adorable.


Susan Laine at Goodreads: “…This story had lots of humor and a wonderful established relationship, excellent writing and a good pace.”