UK Meet 2022 Order Form – Special Discount Prices!

This order form is for signed paperbacks, for the UK Meet 2 -3  September 2022.

I’m offering the books at almost cost price for the Meet.

Either you can pick the books up at the event (I’ll sign the books there when you do) or I’ll arrange to post them to you in advance. While I’m offering what I think is an amazing deal against Amazon prices for the paperbacks (and you make even more savings if you opt to buy an entire series!), if you are outside the UK, the postage will be more than you’ll pay Amazon. It may equal or exceed the cost of the book itself.

I will also have a small number of books available for purchase at the table during the Spotlight Fair, but if you want to be certain you can grab a specific book, it’s better to pre-order.

Please use this form to order and I’ll invoice you via Paypal. I’ll invoice as orders come in, but will definitely close pre-orders on the 15th of August and any remaining invoices will be sent out that week. Invoices must be paid before the Meet.

Prices are given in sterling. I use XE Currency Converter to calculate live exchange rates, which I’ll quote in your invoice if you tell me which currency you prefer to use.

If you ask for a quote for mailing costs, I’ll answer that and you will have the opportunity to confirm the purchase before I invoice you.

Compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation: I keep your data purely for the purposes of this commercial transaction and it is never shared with any other party. See my published Privacy Statement for details.