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Fellow author Angel Martinez reads one of my favourite sections from The God’s Eye. Angel’s a great author, and you can find more of her books (and her readings!) at her website.




I write mostly old school science fiction. Not focused on the fashionable dystopian themes, but on handsome young heroes fighting aliens and firing nifty laser guns as they battle to save what’s left of humanity. Or equally handsome young steampunk pilots adventuring in 1900s Aegypt.

A slight twist—they’re stories and adventures that just happen to have gay main characters. But then, I reckon anyone who reads any scifi will be open to all the possibilities, right?



Once I used to do communications work for the UK government, in a variety of departments that saw me do things as diverse as managing both national TV campaigns and an internal TV service delivered through everyone’s PC.



These days I live a much quieter life deep in the Nottinghamshire countryside with my husband, and Molly and Mavis, the Deputy Editors.



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