Today I’ve published the second editions of the Lancaster’s Luck books on Amazon. Other ebook-sellers will follow in the next few days.

With a heavy heart, because I owe Dreamspinner Press a great deal for kickstarting my publishing career, I had the rights to the Lancaster’s Luck books returned to me with effect from yesterday. I won’t say very much about Dreamspinner’s travails here, except that it’s been horrid to watch the decline over the last few weeks. I held out as long as I could, but in the end, so many authors were leaving that it became like one of those ‘run on the bank’ events you read about in Victorian novels, where the loss of investors snowballs and the bank is lost. Small publishers operate within a savage marketplace, sadly. It was a business decision in the end, where head had to overrule heart, because I do not ever want to lose control of my books.

The books are available here today (08 October 2019):

The Gilded Scarab

Amazon.com  |  Amazon.co.uk

The Jackal’s House

Amazon.com  |  Amazon.co.uk

and they are, in fact, a little cheaper than they used to be: $5.99 instead of $6.99

The new versions are now in British English spelling and grammar (because both I and Rafe Lancaster are British to the core), but otherwise unchanged. I’ve bought the artwork rights from the cover artist, Reese Dante (who intends to update The Gilded Scarab cover because she’s a perfectionist!) and from Margaret Warner, who drew the maps included in the text.

The older Dreamspinner versions are still up there for a day or two (it takes a little while for the ‘please take this down’ notice to work its way through a bookseller’s systems), so if you want to buy a copy, please use the links above.


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