General: The Houses of The Britannic Imperium

The Britannic Imperium is an oligarchy, ruled by the Queen (God Bless Her) and the eight Convocation Houses. House politics is an exercise in jockeying for position and power. House Gallowglass is arguably the most powerful: having gained control of the Treasury and the nation’s purse strings, it can hold the other Houses to ransom. Each Convocation House has a major government department and fills the official posts with its own relatives, and those of the Minor Houses in alliance with it.


Family name: Winter A gallowglass is a mercenary, a warrior Government Department:
The Treasury
Family name: Lee A cartomancer is a fortune teller, one who uses cards to tell the future Government Department:
The Foreign and Empire Office
Family name: Abercrombie A huissher is an usher or door attendant Government Department:
The War Office
Family name: Jeffries A justiciar is head of the royal judiciary Government Department:
Home Affairs
Family name: Branson A pannifex is a cloth worker. Government Department:
Trade and Industry
Family name: Tomlinson An archiator is a physician. Government Department:
Public Health
Family name: Mason A quister bleaches cloth Government Department:
Science and Technology
Family name: Palliser A venator is a huntsman Government Department:
Agriculture and Fisheries


Family name: Stafford A professional copyist or writer, a public notary The only neutral and independent House. The Scrivener provides the secretariat to the Convocation House meetings at Parliament.


Allied to House GALLOWGLASS
Advocate a lawyer (S)
Castellan the governor of a castle
Elimozinar an almoner (S)
Javelar a jewellery maker
Jongleur a travelling minstrel Family name: Pearse
Malender a farmer
Plumassier maker of ornamental feather plumes Family name: Farrell
Verrier a glazier
Allied to House CARTOMANCER
Agister an official of the Royal forests
Bailer a court official (S)
Fermouer a farmer (S)
Mercator a merchant
Stravaigor a vagrant, a wanderer Family name: Lancaster
Tabinarius a tavern keeper
Verderer an official of the Royal forests
Allied to House HUISSHER
Albastere a crossbowman
Beadle a church official
Corvinor a shoemaker
Cunzeour a coiner (S)
Lederer a leathermaker
Quarriour a quarryman (S)
Reever a Sheriff, reeve
Tasseler a tassel maker, for furnishings
Allied to House JUSTICIAR
Brasiler a dyer
Dunner a debt collector
Estafette a mounted courier Family name: Meredith
Flegeoure a fletcher, arrowmaker (S)
Libraire a bookseller
Meilmane a seller of oatmeal (S)
Nimgimmer a doctor
Ulnager an examiner of woollen goods prior to sale
Allied to House PANNIFEX
Bedwevere a maker of webbing for bedframes
Brabanar a weaver (S)
Fawkner falconer
Marinell a sailor (S)
Menstraler a musician
Nedeller needle maker
Pargeter an ornamental plasterer
Waulkmiller a cloth worker
Allied to House ARCHIATOR
Blemmere a plumber
Cartair a cart maker (S)
Colporteur a pedlar of religious books
Glassinwright a glassworker (S)
Gossoon a servant boy
Loriner a maker of horse gear
Palfournier a groom
Shepster a sheep shearer
Allied to House QUISTER
Balister an archer
Chirurgeon a surgeon (S)
Feroner an ironmonger
Ingraver an engraver on glass (S)
Manciple a steward
Osler a bird catcher
Pothison a pastry chef
Wainwright a maker or repairer of wagons
Allied to House VENATOR
Avenator a hay and forage merchant
Botillier a maker of wineflasks or bottles
Damasker a worker with Damask cloth
Ealdorman a Shire court official
Ischear an usher, a court official (S)
Kneller a door-to-door chimney sweep
Peutherer a worker in pewter (S)
Vacher a herdsman
(S) formal name for the head of a Scottish Clan. In Scotland itself, the Clan members will think of themselves as members of Clan (Surname) first, and only secondarily as members of a House. The House system is London centric. The Scots go their own way, with a nod to Westminster out of politeness.



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