The Gilded Scarab: Cast List

Main Characters

Raphael James Lancaster (“Rafe”). Born 1870. Second son of a cadet branch of House Stravaigor, he was a pilot in Her Majesty’s Aero Corps. His eyesight damaged when he was shot down in the autumn of 1899 while fighting in the Boer War, he takes up a new career as owner of a coffeehouse—now called Lancaster’s Luck—located near the Britannic Imperium Museum in London.

Edward Fairfax Winter (“Ned”). Born 1869. First Heir of Convocation House Gallowglass. Ned is an Aegyptologist. Widowed when his wife Laeticia was killed in an autocar accident in 1898, he is the father of two sons, Harry (b. 1893) and Jack (b.1898), and a stillborn daughter, Elizabeth (1895).

Daniel Frederick Meredith. Born 1858. Member of Minor House Estefette. Archaeologist connected to the Flinders Petrie expeditions. Lecturer at University College.

House Gallowglass

Henry Winter. The Gallowglass. Princeps of Convocation House Gallowglass, the most powerful House in the Imperium. Holding the Treasury, House Gallowglass is responsible for the Imperium’s finances. Ned’s father.

Sam Hawkins. Ned’s chief guard since Ned was seven. Dangerous. Dedicated. Single-minded in Ned’s defence.

Joe Brennan. Chief guard to the Gallowglass.

Frank Sutton. Gallowglass guard. Expert with Nobel’s blasting powder.

George Todd. Gallowglass guard.

Matthews and Rosens. Gallowglass guards stationed at the coffeehouse to protect Ned.


House Stravaigor

James Lancaster. The Stravaigor. Princeps of Minor House Stravaigor, the House of traders and entrepreneurs, allied to the Cartomancer.

John Rohan Lancaster. James’s eldest son and First Heir.

Peter Lancaster. Rafe’s elder brother. Bosom friend of John Lancaster.

Cousin Agatha. Housekeeper of the Stravaigor hostel in Bloomsbury, where House members without Londinium residences may stay when up from the country.


At Lancaster’s Luck, Rafe’s coffeehouse

Howard Pearse. The Jongleur. Princeps of Minor House Jongleur, allied to the Gallowglass. Previous owner of the coffeehouse bought by Rafe.

Hugh Peters. Rafe’s former batman in the Aero Corps, now his loyal manservant and chief assistant in the coffeehouse.

Alan Jenkins. Former House Gallowglass guard, too badly injured in the 1898 autocar crash to continue as a guard. Joins the staff of the coffeehouse in early summer 1900.

Will Somers. Rafe’s neighbour and friend. Patissier and baker.

Annabelle Somers. Will’s wife. A celebrated soprano at the Opera House.

Sir Tane Stafford. The Scrivener, head of the only unallied Minor House. Provides secretariat functions to the Convocation. Regular customer at the coffeehouse

Mrs Deedes (bookseller). Mr. Abrams (apothecary). Regular customers at the coffeehouse

Other characters

Josiah Stone. American lawyer resident in Londinium. 

Phryne. Housemaid at the Stravaigor hostel in Bloomsbury

James Beckett. Surgeon and physician on Her Majesties warship, the Ark Royal

Commander Abercrombie. Commander of the Ark Royal. Member of Convocation House Huissher (and, incidentally, first cousin to Laetitia Winter, neé Abercrombie)

Major Marks. Adjutant to Commander Abercrombie, the Ark Royal.

Dr. Carrington. Eye specialist, Harley Street

Henry Garrard. Partner at Garrards, the Queen’s jewellers.

Athol Purdey. Gunsmith.

Ambrose. Maître’d and manager, Margrethe’s gentlemen’s club.