The God’s Eye: Rafe and Ned Artwork by Elin Gregory

Writer Elin Gregory is also a talented artist, and is the creator of these delightful drawings of Rafe Lancaster and Ned Winter, the heroes of the Lancaster’s Luck stories.


Raphael James Lancaster (Rafe)
Rafe Lancaster. Ex-fighter pilot. Present coffee house owner. Man About Town. Gentleman. Scion of a cadet branch of House Stravaigor. Confirmed bachelor–if you know what he means (and he expects that you do). And in this regard, lover of Ned Winter.

Pictured on his way to Abyssinia, Christmas 1902.



Edward Fairfax Winter (Ned)
Ned Winter. First Heir of Convocation House Gallowglass. Professor of Aegyptology, University College School of Aegyptology and the Britannic Imperium Museum. Widower. Father (two sons). Lover of Rafe Lancaster.

Pictured working on the God’s Eye pyramid, Abyssinia, Christmas 1902.