Military Uniforms

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Shield Plain black battledress. Close fitting black shield suits with visored helmets. Heat reflecting material threaded through with wiring (masking circuitry) powered by a flat
battery pack across the shoulders and upper
back. It produces a form of interferomatic dispersion that modulates to scatter radar and infra red/ultra violet sensors – a  layer of energy distortion creating a refractive, reflective shield
Black jacket and trousers with silver braiding looped at the shoulder.
Fleet Pale grey battledress Dark grey jacket, dark grey trousers with a pale grey stripe. Gold braiding looped at the shoulder.
Infantry Khaki battledress Powered armour. Scarlet jacket with gold braid looped at the shoulder. Black trousers with scarlet stripe
Command/HQ staffers Dark blue battledress Dark blue with gold braiding at shoulder, scarlet sash.
Cadets wear featureless ordinary dress for the service they will join on graduation.