Lancaster’s Luck


The first book in the Lancaster’s Luck series, The Gilded Scarab, started life a short less-than-20K word novella on my hard drive, set in a coffee shop in the streets next to the British Museum.

When I was casting around for something to cleanse the palate, so to speak, when I’d just finished the second Shield book, I thought about my coffee shop novella, where a young man falls for an archaeologist working at the museum. But heigh ho, how many
contemporary coffee shop m/m romances are out there? What could I do with it to make it different?

And a little voice said, “You always wanted to write something steampunky. Not all goggles and corsets, but a world where aeroships and laser guns are just part of the scenery, unremarkable. So maybe your little story could be a steampunk m/m romance; your coffee house owner could be an ex-aeroship pilot and your archaeologist could be an Aegyptology specialist—you can get away with odd spellings in steampunk—and there’ll have to be some sort of adventure going on there and hey! why not have it all mixed up with dicey politics and an odd system of government…”

And so the steampunk, coffee house, adventure/mystery m/m romance series wassp born.

Not that I intended it to be a series, mind you. But there were so many strands and interesting snippets that I just didn’t have room to deal with in The Gilded Scarab, that I had to concede that a follow-up novel will be needed to deal with them. Which is delightful for me, because I will get the chance to take my two heroes off to Aegypt for adventures under those brazen skies, with villains skulking in shattered stone tombs and jackals roaming the deserts.

In this section of the website is some of the fun stuff I collected together while I was creating the steampunk world of 1899/1900 Londinium. You can navigate your way through it using the dropdown menu above.  Enjoy!



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Ordnance Survey Map of London’s streets 1893-6