Taking Shield

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Taking Shield started out as a simple ‘what if’ set of questions.  What if in some AU universe Earth’s been a burnt out dustball for the last ten thousand years? What if we do a riff on the Exodus and have remnants of humanity escape, but led by Pharaohs? What if the new world they found, Albion, is at war with an enemy no one has ever seen? What if the hero is a member of Albion’s special forces *and* the Military Strategy Unit? What if he finds something that seriously threatens Albion? What if he falls in love with a Fleet pilot and has his life turned upside down?

And somehow that grew into a serial of four books so far with more to come.

This section of the website has background on the serial and on each of the books. You can navigate your way around by using the drop down menu at the top of the page.  Enjoy!



Taking Shield 01: Gyrfalcon

Taking Shield 02: Heart Scarab

Taking Shield 03: Makepeace

Taking Shield 04: The Chains of Their Sins

Taking Shield 05: Day of Wrath




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