Was Deus… now WTF??!!

The novella formerly known as Deus Ex Machina is in the last stages of preparation. It’s had one last read through for typos and errors and I have a first version of the cover to play with (we may go for more gold. I like a bit of glitz). Then came the crushing realisation that the title you’d though was a bit clever and ironic was considered to be a bit clever and ironic by about 16,000 other writers. Type Deus Ex Machina into Amazon and get seriously swamped by the number of books out there with clever and ironic authors. 

Now, I’m all for my novella being easy to find, but not if people have to wade through a high tide of its namesakes to do it. 

So. Deus  Ex Machina is no more. The search is on for a new  title, and currently I’m wavering between FlashWire and Impedance.

FlashWire (or FlashWired? Mmmn) or maybe Impedance involves Jeeze Madrid and Cal Paxton, the two top scouts on the Pathfinder-class ship, the Carson.  Their job is to find and identify planets ripe for Earth to colonise, while the scientists on the Carson carry out the final testing and analysis and any light terraforming that might be needed. They’re also in a relationship that Cal wants to deepen, but Jeeze prefers the way it is. Jeeze is shot down over an inhabited planet with an energy beam of a type that none of the Earth scientists have ever seen before.  What will Cal find when, weeks later, they can finally mount a rescue operation to Menath GTal? 

Well, anyway, it had cool machines and cool storage batteries. Deus Ex Machina was the perfect title since Jeeze’s full name is Jesús Felipe Madrid Velázquez.  See?  Clever and ironic.  And now I have to think up something that won’t be as clever or won’t be as ironic, but which should fetch up on Amazon on page one, not page twenty one.

I’m inclining towards FlashWired – or Flashwired or flash wired or flash-wired

Anyway, here’s the first go at the cover





and with a title… or two:



Which to choose.  Oh, which to choose?


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