I’m ready to self-pub FlashWired and I have the first chapter of Shield rewritten and added into it so I can push that a little – I hope it gets the one or two readers I’ll get for Flashwired eager to read – and hence buy – Shield when it’s all done.

But thinking about swag to take to Houston with me to publicise FlashWired brought me up sharp against a problem.

I made a mistake when I set everything up. I was still in fanfic mode, where everything’s a little more casual.  I should never have used as a website URL. It looks juvenile and unprofessional. I did the same with my gmail address that but is VERY easily remedied.

So, before I get pins and pens made to give away at the conference (yay for pens because Sarah Madison has found a great US supplier and *everyone* uses them) I decided I should correct the website mistake. That means that I need to change the contact details in a host of places, but especially on FlashWired.I bought a new domain – –  and I carefully read the instructions on WordPress on how to make that my principal domain. I thought I’d done everything right, but whenever I switch this to the new URL, the whole thing just closes down and I get told there’s a DNS error.  It did say that most changes to DNS stuff took a couple of hours and could take up to 72.  Three days!  I hope they’re wrong, but I suppose I’ll just have to keep trying…

Headache here.  Big one.


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