No, I’m not challenged in the almanac department!  I’ve just sent a short story of that title to DreamSpinner, as a submission to one of their anthologies. I have no idea how it will do, but if they accept it, that will be one more little credit on the writing side.


John Hogarth and Kit  Lewis met in art college and hooked up there, both professionally and personally. Fifteen years on they’re running Hogarth Lewis together—a small, but growing, branding and design agency that’s garnering work from some of NYC’s finest institutions and starting to make inroads with larger corporations and significant industry players. They have just landed their biggest contract yet with Bowyer Industries. On the professional front, they’re up and coming.

Kit wants to keep their personal life up and coming too. Feeling that after fifteen years it may be time to make sure John isn’t bored, he comes up with a creative way of injecting a little romance and excitement into their relationship by planning a series of seductions based on celebrating various major holidays from around the world. John doesn’t object to celebrating Physical Activity and Exercise Day in Japan, or the Landing of the Thirty-Three Orientales in Uruguay, but his personal favorite may turn out to be the Day of Union of Eastern Romalia with the Bulga. He particularly liked Kit’s dedication to serial and frequent reunions…


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