A new project springs into being…

Am terribly excited and stoked with planning a steampunk story that’s just sort of sneaked up on me without warning. Airships and Aegyptologists, luminiferous aether and ray guns! No brass goggles or corsets though – we’ll try and keep it a cliché free zone.

It will tell the story  of the meeting between Ned Winter, First Heir to Convocation House Gallowglass and leading Aegyptologist, and retired aviator turned coffee house owner, Rafe Lancaster. All set in Londinium, 1890.

Sighs happily. I love it when an idea grabs like this. I can hardly wait to get started… as soon as I’ve finished the second draft of Shield 2, anyway. In the meantime, I’ve ordered some books on steampunk and am happily plannning…


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