A lovely review for Happy Holidays

A lovely 4**** review for Happy Holidays from Thomaidha Papa at M/M Good Book Reviews on 30 August 2013.  Thommie enjoyed the Dreamspinner Cuddling anthology as a whole, and this is what she said about Happy Holidays:

“Happy Holidays by Anna Butler ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

“Do you know what day this is?” A harmless question right? No matter how you examine it, what angle you approach it, or how much you shake it. It seems quite harmless…

Oh, the humor bleeding in the lines of the text is delicious. You just gotta love Anna’s playfulness. Ah, I’m still laughing with this story. It’s fun-tastic! Meh I just loved these guys.

And guess who my favorite character was here. No guess! Lol, yeah it was Kit.

Kit and John have been partners and lovers for fifteen years. They started small and finally their designing firm is handling more accounts than they can manage. It’s all good though, they manage just fine and their boundaries of where work stops and where their life picks up make for a good settling.

But Kit’s been playing little games lately out of nowhere. Games that always keep john on his toes. After fifteen years together, they still have their time of fun, but what is the meaning of this constantly repeating question day after day after day?

Did I say I loved this little story? No? Damn, oh well, I loooved it! There!”


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