Suave Molecules

Suave Molecules

Procrastination, thy name is “play with Photoshop”. I really should be writing the *current* WIP not creating pretty pictures to inspire me for the next one!



  1. I’m gradually learning to trust mild procrastination. There is usually a good reason for it. You need a break from the project, or you need to let something simmer on the back burner for a bit. It’s not the same as writer’s block. 🙂 I think playing creatively is every bit as important to finishing the WIP. Frittering your time away on Facebook, however, is another story… 😉


    • I have a very visual approach really. Whenever I’m writing – fanfic or original – as soon as I’ve decided on the title, I have to find the images that fit. For fanfic that was so I could create the banner for my website that would head up the story. These days I collect the images for Pinterest as well. Fatal obsession there…


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