Review for Happy Holidays

I love unexpected Christmas presents, and this one was delightful. A lovely review for Happy Holidays by Susan Laine at Goodreads. Susan rated the anthology as a whole with 5 stars and had this to say about Happy Holidays:

John Hogarth and Kit Lewis have been domestic partners as long as they’ve been working partners, running a small but growing design agency in New York. After fifteen years together, Kit wonders if they’re getting stale and takes a typically creative approach to inject a little romance and excitement back into their love life.

I swear, if I hear “Do you know what day this is?” one more time… Kit and John have been together for fifteen years, and then Kit comes up with something to keep things lively in the bedroom. Creative. While Kit is bursting with good ideas, John is at first confused, then happy to be lead around by his dick to wherever Kit wishes. This story had lots of humor and a wonderful established relationship, excellent writing and a good pace.

Grins sappily. Merry Christmas all!



  1. Hah! That’s so very cool–and completely warranted! That’s for the Cuddling Anthology on Dreamspinner, correct? Can you share a link to that anthology? 😀


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