Pushes baby out of the nest…

I feel a little light headed this morning.

Partly, of course, because Spring is springing away madly – warm sunshine in grimy old London today, folks – and this time of year always fills me with hope and purpose, and I want to get on and do things. The sap must be rising, or something.

But mostly I’m light headed and happy because ten minutes ago I took the plunge, and submitted Gyrfalcon to a publisher –  a mainstream SF publisher, as it happens. Because the Shield series is genre sci fi and an intense love story where the characters just happen to be gay, and is not m/m romance as that genre is currently defined, I’ve decided to try my luck with trad publishing. I suspect that Shield will still be impossible to place into a neat genre, and that for reason (irrespective of the publisher thinking I suck!) I am not exactly hopeful here. It’s also an odd set up in that I won’t get a rejection letter, just silence.  So in four months, if I’ve heard nothing, I can assume they don’t want it. So, check back here on… counts on fingers…  29 June, and I will probably be lamenting. But I have to take the plunge, right? If you never try it, there’s no possibility.

And in spring, I’m all for possibilities. Sap rising, remember?


Happy Spring Sunday to you all.


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