All the Ls: Love, Loss, Laughter, Lust… and Lily

I’m delighted to welcome author Lily Blunt to the blog today. Lily’s an amazingly creative person, who hasn’t only been writing away busily and publishing in anthologies, one of which is being published tomorrow by Wayward Ink Press, but has also been making the promotional videos for Wayward Ink to support the anthologies’ release. I am stunned by how talented and skilled she is, and so glad she agreed to come along to tell us about the anthology, her story and how you can join the launch party tomorrow and win stunning prizes.

Check out that video.  I know whose advice I’m going to be asking as Shield gets published…

Over to you, Lily!



Many thanks for inviting me to write a post for your blog, Anna.

My short story, Service with a Smile, will appear in the Lust section of Wayward Ink‘s second anthology, Love, Loss, Laughter and Lust due to be released TOMORROW, Friday June 20th.

Ty Roderick and Asher Hawk from Cockyboys provided the initial inspiration for the story. At the time of writing the original story they hadn’t filmed a video together and this story arose out of my expectations for their future scene. Coincidentally, soon after I wrote my story, Helix Studios released a video featuring Jacob Dixon and Matthew Keading in a changing room in a sportswear shop. Several months later, after receiving a request to summit a story to one of Wayward Ink’s anthologies, I dusted the story down and added more to it, changing the names of the characters to Terry and Ash.

I was thrilled to be invited by Lily Velden from Wayward Ink Publishing to submit a story to one of their first publications and also delighted later to be requested to make the trailer videos for each of them. I wish Lily and Andrew Gordon all the best with their new venture. It must be a nerve-wracking experience in a rapidly growing market. The Bollocks! anthology has been a runaway success, reaching the number 1 slot on Amazon UK gay anthologies not once but twice in the week after its release.


Excerpt from ‘Service with a Smile’
Terry caught sight of his reflection in the shop window and smoothed down his wind-blown hair. He glanced up and down,slowly checking over his appearance. A smile grazed his mouth. Pleased he’d chosen a tight-fitting white T-shirt to exhibit his firm torso, his dark eyes shifted to the clothing displayed on the other side of the glass. A pale blue shirt instantly caught his eye, as did a cream-colored shirt with a dusky paisley print. He knew both would suit his tanned complexion.

Terry could certainly do with a new shirt for the party later that evening, but that wasn’t the reason he was standing in front of the designer boutique. A flutter of excitement rippled through his belly and down to his groin, making his cock throb in anticipation. It wasn’t the clothing that had this effect upon him, but the thought of a particular sales assistant inside the shop.

It was late on Saturday afternoon, and the shop would be closing within the next half hour. He didn’t have much time to make his move. Terry hoped he’d timed his entrance just right. Peering beyond the male mannequins poised in the window, he searched out his intended target.

Terry noticed two men about to leave so he moved toward the door.  As it opened, an old-fashioned bell jangled overhead and the two men left the premises. They offered him a genuine smile. One of them winked at Terry, who returned the gesture. Terry watched them head down the street, walking hand in hand, for a few seconds before crossing over the threshold. A smile spread across his handsome face because he now knew only one member of the staff remained to man the shop until it closed at half past five. The one guy he wanted the chance to be alone with. The one guy he lusted after. Ash.


We’ve all loved. We’ve all laughed.

Sadly, we’ve also probably all known loss in one form or another.

And, yes, we at Wayward Ink are sure we’ve all experienced lust!

In Love, Loss, Laughter & Lust, you’ll experience one or more of the “L”s as we take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Whether you like to sigh over the sweet, cry for the broken-hearted, enjoy a good laugh, or get a little hot and bothered; there’s something for everyone in this collection.

Stories include:

  • LOVE

  • His Prince Wore Pink Stilettos by Julie Lynn Hayes
  • Invisible by Taylin Clavelli
  • LOSS

  • Hearts by Anyta Sunday
  • A Closed Door by Andrew Q. Gordon
  • Sleepwalking by Taylin Clavelli

  • Life According to Buddy by Lily Velden
  • LUST

  • Service with a Smile by Lily G. Blunt
  • Hunter or Hunted? by Lily Velden



Check out the book trailer I made for the anthology:



And to celebrate the release on 20th June, you’re invited to join the release day party. It will run for 24 hours to allow all the authors in the anthology a chance to spend time chatting with readers and fans.  I will be there on Friday evening UK time. There will be giveaways throughout the day, so stop by and join in the festivities.

Click here to join the party


And finally, pre-order Love, Loss, Laughter and Lust from Wayward Ink Publishing


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