Links to Blog Posts on Writing 2


A collection of useful blogs/articles from the last couple of weeks:
Writing Tips

5 tips on editing your own work
The Grammarly Blog with tips on editing. One thing: they suggest using their online automated grammar checker/proofreading system, but I think that requires a subscription. The Edit Minion will do a similar job, and is free.

How to create a killer opening for your Sci Fi short story
Charlie Jane Anders at IO9 with some sound advice that should be applicable to any genre. Except maybe the bit about the spaceship blowing up on the way to Mars.

Seven Deadly Sins (If You’re A First Chapter)
Janice Hardy’s blog post certainly complements the one from Anders. Handy, that.

The Breadcrumbs At The Beginning Of The Story
And Chuck Wendig’s thoughts on beginnings and breadcrumbs. Looks like beginning your work is the dish de jour.

A Scampering Peregrination Of Nanowrimo Writing Tips
Chuck Wendig’s usual brand of advice, of far wider application than just Nano.

Fiction Writing Keys for Non Outliners
Steven James at The Kill Zone makes the case for pansters…

You Gotta SucLinksk It Up And Write the Outline
while PJ Parrish at The Kill Zone counters with why outlining is A Good Thing.


Writing What You Love And Earning What You’re Worth
James Scott Bell at The Kill Zone on the philosophy of writing.



Marketing for Writers

7-step Business Plan for Writers
Angela Akermann on the non-writing skills writers need. She’s co author of The Emotional Thesaurus, btw. Really useful book that.

15 ways to promote your book with a book trailer
Chris Robley at the Book Baby Blog on the value of book trailers. There are links to other how-to articles, but this one majors on where to show your trailer to reach an audience.

Twitter Marketing Strategy For Authors And Writers
Matthew Yeoman’s hints and tips for using Twitter effectively.

Why a newsletter is a marketing must
Penny, at Author Marketing Experts, Inc (shouldn’t that be Ink?) on building up a linksnewsletter to fill the ever widening gaps in coverage through Facebook, Twitter etc. They use a newsletter themselves, so at least they practise what they preach.




It’s the End of the World as we Know it!!!!!!!!! OR How Kindle Unlimited fucked things up!
Mary Celeste on the impact of KU on her book sales..



  1. Some super stuff here, though I have to admit that my mind goes into immediately flaily mode as soon as it sees the word ‘marketing’. I read those posts grumbling ‘well that’s all right for YOU but it wouldn’t work for me’, thus giving myself the excuse not to try it.


    • It’s the thing I hate the most about writing. Although really, it’s something I should find relatively easy, given my old job in communications. All I can conclude is I didn’t like working much…


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