That was the week that was

This is the first moment all week that I’ve had a few minutes to catch my breath. Don’t get me wrong, I love it that I have had two new releases this week, but if I ever think about doing something like this again, pin me into a corner and *sit* on me until I come to my senses. Wag a finger in my face. Remind me: “Learn to space out your pleasures, Anna! Don’t do it all at once.”

But it’s been a glorious week.

FINAL-smallA little bit scary—oh my god, I’m putting books out there to be read, I’m putting out a big part of *me* out there, and what if it all bombs horribly? So yes, scary. Nail bitingly scary when the curtain draws up and you’re poised there in the wings, and… and that’s it. The books are out and now you have to let your little birds fly on their own. They are free and independent and no longer under your control.

Also a little bit sad. I never expected to feel sad, so that surprised me. But in a sense, Rafe Lancaster of The Gilded Scarab, and Bennet and Flynn of Gyrfalcon, have been hugged to my heart throughout the whole of the creation process. They were mine. Now they’re out there and they belong to other people now too. I have to *share*. I’m still adjusting to that.

And a whole lot of Yaaaay!!Trumpets of Glory!!Whoodewhoop!!Somersaults!!! I’ve done it. I’m published. And that sense of achievement and sheer sparkly brilliance cannot be matched. It’s wonderful. It keeps me smiling even when I’m faceplanting into my keyboard at 1am after two massive launch events on Facebook. Drained, but still smiling.

At the end of the first week, The Gilded Scarab is still in number two spot (well, it’sGyrfalcon_cvr_f-businesscard wavered up and down but it was back there a minute ago!) in the LGBT/Science Fiction section on Amazon, and it hasn’t been out of the top five all week. THAT is knock-your-socks off brilliant and I can barely believe it. The reviews are starting to come in, too, and they are the kind to make me want to buy a larger size in hats. Rafe is winning hearts, the way I hoped he would.

Gyrfalcon won’t be available at Amazon for a little while as Wilde City operates a staggered release system, but it too is garnering nice reviews on Goodreads – from someone who doesn’t like scifi, but liked Bennet and Flynn. Conversion, people! That’s where it’s at.

You know, there probably really isn’t any reason for this post except to try and get my breath back. Oh yeah. And to boast a bit. Normal service will be resumed next week. But this week? This week was special.

Thank you, everyone who helped make this week such a success. Love you all.



  1. I can’t even imagine what it is like to release two such different and amazing books at once! You must be on a rollercoaster of emotion–utterly thrilled and utterly drained at the same time. Go you! What a fabulous start to what I know will be an awesome career. 🙂


    • Hugs you HARD because you lead the list of those who helped me this week, with unstinting support and encouragement. I’ll never forget that.

      I hope I can space out the books a bit next time. ‘Drained’ only just scratches the surface!


      • *grins* It’s not likely to happen like that again! One of those celestial planet alignment things that happens once every 100 years… 😀


  2. If you’re going to make an entrance, you may as well do the thing properly. 🙂 I’m thrilled – though not in the least surprised – to see the reaction to your books, and hope you’re now able to settle down and recover a little from what must have been an exhausting, if exhilarating, week. *Many* congratulations, m’dear! I’m only sorry not to have been up to being around to cheer you on. I am, however, very much looking forward to re-reading Rafe, and also Bennett and Flynn.


    • Thank you, Sarah. I’ve just about got my breath back, mostly by making the weekend a relatively internet-free zone and drinking champagne… I thoroughly recommend the latter.

      Rafe is very little changed from the draft you saw. Two or three extra little scenes and a much tightened-up last section where they have their little nightime adventure. Hope you enjoy it!



  3. Just finished gyrfalcon and loved it. Looking for the sequel and wondering what i will do until it is released. Congratulations on producing an excellent book which feels so very real. Not so easy when it`s si fi. So how long do I have to wait for the next one?


    • Hi Karen

      Thank you for the fb. I’m delighted you liked Gyrfalcon and that it felt so realistic.

      I’m just finalising the draft of Book 2 to send to Wilde City by the end of this week. We have a tentative publication date of 22 July.

      Best wishes



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