Wheeeee! Newsletters!

newspaper-154444_1280It’s sort of a thing right now, isn’t it? Everyone does them. Even your Auntie Ethel probably sends you one at Christmas telling you all about her past year: the full story of her knock-down, hair-tearing fight with her sister Doris; a blow by blow account of Mildred’s elopement with her fitness adviser and wasn’t Walter stupid for goading her into going to the gym in the first place (but then, the man never did know what side of his bread had the butter), Cousin Charles’ exciting encounter with a handsome young guardsman in the park… that sort of thing. If you’re lucky, of course. All I ever get in Christmas letters is accounts of bunion operations. In a bad year, it’s about prolapsed wombs and hernias.

If I promise very, very faithfully never to talk about prolapsed *anythings* and promise never to spam you, would you be interested in getting a quarterly newsletter from me? It will feature news and snippets of works in progress, free fiction, competitions and giveaways. When you sign up, I’ll send you a FREE copy of FlashWired, in ebook and pdf formats.


Sadly it will come to you in electronic format, so you can’t even use it for Art…


The first newsletter will be zinging its way through the aether on 1 October. You get access to a  free short story in it that won’t be more generally available on my website until the end of October, and the chance to win a little bag of Shield Swag.

Do sign up!

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