Gilded Scarab nominated 2015 RT Reviewers’ Choice Awards


Friday 13th isn’t noted for being a lucky day, but I think I have to buck the trend here. I woke this morning to find the incredible, wonderful news that The Gilded Scarab  has been nominated in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section (steampunk sub-section) of the 2015 Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Awards.


To say that I am astonished is the mildest of understatements. I am still gibbering and waving my hands about helplessly. This is such a compliment!

So far as I understand it—and remember I am still trying to get my head around things here—the preponderance of books nominated for the Awards are mainstream and I’m one of a handful of authors in the m/m genre who has been nominated (alongside the likes of Heidi Cullinan!  More OMGing!). I really don’t expect to win anything, but I am so stoked to be nominated alongside such eminent beings. Thank you to Dreamspinner for such a brilliant editing team who helped me polish Rafe until he *shone*.

The RT Reviews blog has also posted up an amazing review for Rafe and Ned, and that alone would have had me spinning like a top and squeeing. The nomination? Well, see above for gibbering and helpless hand waving.

I mean. Oh. Em. GEE!




metallic spaceship200



  1. Hah! I’m both surprised and yet not–I’ve always said you’d be one of the ones to break barriers! This is amazing and so well-deserved! WOOT!


    • Thank you! I’m delighted that you liked the book so much. I hope to start on the next story in the new year – I’m moving house in a couple of weeks and life consists of boxes and packing right now.


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