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We have a mixed media collection this month, mainly because I really could not resist Peter Kay’s wonderful collection of this month’s word and then ran across (or re-ran, to be accurate) one of Pixar’s videos on storytelling.



Mondegreen – to quote Wiki: a mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony, in a way that gives it a new meaning. Mondegreens are most often created by a person listening to a poem or a song; the listener, being unable to clearly hear a lyric, substitutes words that sound similar, and make some kind of sense.  American writer Sylvia Wright coined the term in her essay The Death of Lady Mondegreen, published in Harper’s Magazine in November 1954. The term was inspired by “…and Lady Mondegreen”, a misinterpretation of the line “…and laid him on the green” from the Scottish ballad The Bonnie Earl O’ Moray.




Pixar – What Makes a Story

Pixar’s 22 Rules For Good Story Telling

What does it mean to be a writer and a perfectionist? Colleen Story at Writers In The Storm, with a very good article about those of us who are a little bit anal about things.

When the Emperor is Naked, Tell Him Beth Hill at The Editor’s Blog on not getting too cosy in critique groups.

30 Practical Ways To Beat Writer’s Block  Amanda Patterson at Writers Write.

Science Explains Why People Who Love Writing Are Smarter – A laudable article at I♥ Smirks.

Kat Howard: Five Things I Learned Writing Roses And Rot

Leah Rhyne: Five Things I Learned Writing Heartless



How Strong is Your Dialogue? How to Fix Common Dialogue Problems and
Making Fiction Come Alive! Using the Senses for Maximum Impact
– Alex Limburg guesting at Kristen Lamb’s blog.

How to Write Characters Who Don’t Sound Like You – Janice Hardy at Fiction University.Links2

Margie’s Rule #15: What’s the Visual? – Margie Lawson with advice on the old show-not-tell chestnut.

What to Do When Your Novel’s Too Short – Janice Hardy at Fiction University. Mind you, I usually have the opposite problem…

3 Mistakes that Will Make Readers Want to Punch a Book in the Face – Kristen Lamb on stupid or passive protagonists and plot twists that break the rules.

How to Write Mind-Blowing Plot Twists—Twisting is NOT Twerking – a followup to the last link, Kristen expands on the points on plot twists.




Defy Reality, Become An Artist – “Forget perfection. You can’t control success. You aren’t anybody else. You are you. It doesn’t matter if anyone believes in you. Let their disbelief charge your batteries. You can believe in you.”

Writing Dialogue, And How It Relates To Plot And Character  What it says on the tin. “Dialogue that moves nothing forward is a problem. Dialogue has to move the needle. It has to invoke or inspire change in some direction.”

Crotch-Punching The Creative Yeti: Exploding More Writing Myths “Writing a book is like forging a sword. But writing a good book is like forging a magic sword.”




Links6Self-Publishing: How to Promote Your Book With One Easy Photoshop Technique – fascinating ideas here for creating images with your book cover using Photoshop templates.

First Steps in Formatting for Print and Using Font Styles When Formatting for Print – first two in a series of techie posts at The Editor’s Blog, for those of us self publishing and wanting to use Lulu or Createspace etc to produce print books.




Why Instagram Works for Writers – Sierra Godfrey Fong at Writers In The Storm with tips for working yet another social media site. One that, apparently, only works with mobile devices. Looks at old, old Blackberry and sighs. Not with mine, obviously.

Why Your Author Blog is Stuck & What To DO – Kristen Lamb (who’s one of the most successful author/bloggers) with some ideas for freshening up your online platform. I’m glum over her dictum that the blog should be the first page of your website, because many other people say the *books* should be on the first page, and you can’t have both. What to do, what to do?

Secrets to Turning Your Facebook Page into an Epic Marketing Tool – Penny Sansevieri at Writers In The Storm.

Goodreads Deals: A New Way to Promote Your Ebooks to Millions of Goodreads Members (U.S. Market)

Finding Your Audience Part 1 – Pre-Launch Steps – Angela Quarles at the Fiction University asking “Is there a market for my beetle shifter coming-of-age dystopian?” Well, you had me at beetle shifter…

Authors on Twitter: 43 Stunning Header Image Examples collected by Diana Urban at BookBub.




Mythbusting The Amazon Algorithm – Reviews and Ranking For Authors Frankly, this lonkspost at made my head hurt, but for the geeks amongst us, this is manna from heaven.

E-book Sales Decline Continues – an analysis from Publishers Weekly. But this covers the big publishing houses, who charge large amounts for their ebooks, and not indies, who tend not to. Moral, anyone?

Going Independent – from award-winning novelist, Dana Stabenow




Agents and Estates  /  Long-Term Thinking: The Option Clause  /  Long-Term Thinking: The Non-Compete Clause  /  The Grant of Rights Clause  Kristine Kathryn Rusch continues her essential-reading series of posts on contracting issues. Seriously, read these.

Royalty Clauses in Publishing Deals: How (& How Much) Authors Get Paid – over at Writers In The Storm, Susan Spann has also been blogging about contracts. Another series of posts worth a read.




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