The Dog Who Swallows Millions


I’ve just pressed ‘send’ and the second Rafe and Ned steampunk/adventure/m-m romance should have landed in Dreamspinner Press’s inbox by now. Let’s pray they like it!

I can promise you adventure and romance, spooky Aegyptian temples in the moonlight haunted by the towering figure of Anubis, House machinations and House assassins. Most of all, I can promise you that Rafe and Ned are together and happy, despite the Hard Stare of Disapproval from Ned’s son Harry. And I can promise you a cute dog to balance the scary Dog, and one day soon, she’ll get a post of her own.

Here’s the blurb: “Rafe Lancaster’s relationship with the Gallowglass First Heir, archaeologist Ned Winter, flourishes over the summer of 1900, and deepens yet further when Rafe goes with Ned to Aegypt for the winter digging season.

In the world of the Britannic Imperium’s Houses, self-seeking ambition is the norm and assassination is the tool of choice when it comes to advancing House interests. Consequently, it concerns Rafe that his House, Stravaigor, is keen for him to go to Aegypt with Ned: Stravaigor does nothing without an eye to the main chance. But when Ned’s team of archaeologists reaches Abydos to begin the dig, what follows suggests the Houses are the least of their worries. Tricks and pranks escalate to outright attacks, and throughout these incidents, the figure of the Dog stalks across the Aegyptian desert bringing destruction in its wake. He who is upon his mountain, the Lord of Westerners, the Dog Who Swallows Millions… Anubis has many titles and appears to be returning to Abydos to reclaim his own. When Ned’s young son is kidnapped and Ned himself left injured, Rafe has to solve the riddle of the Dog and face up to devastating personal impact of House Stravaigor’s plots before he can save the day.”

Watch this space for more news!



  1. One of the reasons I love your books so much is the ancient Egyptian elements! I thought I would become an Egyptologist, but financial reasons prevailed.


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