Links to Blog Posts on Writing – June and July 2017






Heartened by Wonder Woman—The Case for Sincere Storytelling  – Vaughn Roycroft at Writer Unboxed

On Pen Names, Cover Art & Reader Betrayal – Gail Carriger at Fiction University

Ways To Stay Motivated In This Shit-Shellacked Era Of Epic Stupid and So, You’re Having A Bad Writing Day – Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds

An Agent’s Advice: The Big Five No-nos to Querying a Literary Agent – Kathryn Lilley at The Kill Zone

Yes, You Can Learn To Write Better Fiction – James Scott Bell at The Kill Zone

White Writers Writing Non-White Characters: Why I Vote Yes, for Commercial Fiction – Elizabeth Stephens at Writer Unboxed

Robyn Bennis: Five Things I Learned Writing The Guns Above

Linda Nagata: Five Things I Learned Writing The Last Good Man





The Disorganized Novelist’s Guide to Outlines – Erika Raskin at Publishers Weekly

Birth of a Book: The Idea Stage: Brainstorming the Idea – Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight – James Gilstrap at The Kill Zone

How to Write a Fight Scene (in 11 Steps) – Christine Frazier at the Better Novel Project

The Real Problem With Passive Voice in Fiction – Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Whoa, That’s Tense. 3 Ways to Raise the Tension in Your Scenes – Janice Hardy at Fiction University

And, Scene: Some Thoughts On Writing A Scene – Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds

Putting the Bite in Sex Scenes | Getting Punk’d by Steampunk | Lasers, Swords, and Brianna, oh, my! | Once Upon a Plot: Retelling Myths and Fairytales – Cait Reynolds guesting at Kristen Lamb’s blog with an entire series of interesting posts. Worldbuilding features heavily here.

A Closer Look at Foreshadowing – Don Allmon at Fiction University

Your Frame-Worthy Mini-Guide to ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ (With Tons of Examples) – Alex Limburg at Ride the Pen. Downloadable worksheets and pdfs.



Proofreading Tips Part 1 and Part 2 – Diane Hurwitz at Blood Red Pencil

Shifting Between Drafting and Editing – Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Useful Tips For Self-Editing A Manuscript – Emily Nemchick at Writers Path






SHOULD You Create Your Own Book Cover?  – June Stevens Westerfield at Writers In The Storm

A Word Count Guide for 18 Different Book Genres – Blake Atwood at The Write Life

Book Writing Software: Top 10 Pieces of Software for Writers – Joe Bunting at Write Practice

Storyboarding with Scrivener (or, A Love Affair with Virtual Index Cards) – Gwen Hernandez at Writer Unboxed

Free Scrivener Template: How to Structure Your Story – K.M. Weiland at Helping Writers Become Authors






Marketing Brand Identity | Brand Image | Brand Loyalty 1 | Brand Loyalty 2 | The Intermediate Stages     – Kristine Kathryn Rusch continues her series.

How To Expand Your Target Audience series: Choices | Slow Growth   – and Rusch starts a new one!

Anthologies: Joining With Others In Marketing To The Masses – Laurie Starkey at Digital Book World

12 Tips for Writing and Releasing Collaborative Book Bundles – Linda Yezak at Helping Writers Become Authors

What you NEED to know for successful Amazon Ads! – Penny Sansevieri at Writers in the Storm

The Basics of Advertising for Indie Authors – Marcy Kennedy at Fiction University

How To Find and Work with Book Review Bloggers – TCK publishing

From BookBub:
7 Top Book Marketing Takeaways from BookExpo 2017
48+ Publishing Resources You Should Know About
Promoting a New Sequel with BookBub Ads [Case Study]
9 Reasons a Book Was Rejected for a BookBub Featured Deal
How We Created a Box Set to Boost Ebook Sales 350%
How Indie Presses and Authors Can Collaborate on Marketing Campaigns
Should You Make a Book Available for Preorder? 14 Authors Weigh In
How to Drive Preorder Book Sales: Q&A With a Big 5 Publisher
7 Global BookBub Reader Trends You Need to Know

Rejected By BookBub? Look In The Mirror And Change Your Marketing Ways – Beth Bacon at Digital Book World


Social Media

Social Media Content: Feeding the Beast – Jana Oliver at Fiction University


Newsletters/Email Lists

Building a Mailing List through Reader Magnets – Marcy Kennedy at Fiction University

Email Marketing Tips: How to Get Your List to Buy Your Book | Building an Email List for Your Book: 2 Effective Tactics to Try Now – Emily Wenstrom at The Write Life






There’s No Such Thing As A Self-Published Author – Beth Bacon at Digital Book World

14 Questions to Ask Before You Self Publish – Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Recent posts on the wonder that is Amazon:
Scammers Break The Kindle Store – David Gaugrhan with a depressing post everyone should read.

Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies – Michael Eison on how Amazon’s algorithms are batshit.






The Legal Side of Writing for Anthologies | The Truth Behind Popular Copyright Myths   – Susan Spann at Writers In The Storm



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