Happy Holidays, everyone

The Christmas ham has been roasted in maple syrup and is stickily delicious, even if cleaning the roasting pan afterwards took industrial levels of scouring. I’ve made more gingerbread, because nothing smells more Christmassy than that and besides, I bought some gigantic snowflake cookie cutters that just begged to be tried out. I’ve made a sticky gingercake for Mum and me to have with cinnamon-poached fruit tomorrow, because Mr B is the only person in the house who likes traditional figgy pudding. I’ve made prune and celery stuffing for the pork fillets we’re having tonight with cheesy mashed potatoes – believe me, the stuffing is far nicer than it sounds.  It’s delish, in fact. And in an hour I’m going down to make myself a margarita and sit and watch the greatest Christmas movie ever made. I have ruddy earned that margarita today.

It seems only right, and in the spirit of the season, to share the margarita recipe with you, and toast your health with mine when I finally get it made. This recipe was given to me a friend who swears to its deliciousness. Now then, I’ve used Curaçao triple sec in margaritas before now, but this recipe calls for the real Curaçao blue stuff. This is going to be one pretty, as well as potent, cocktail. Here you go:

1 1/2 ounces tequila
1 ounce blue curaçao
1 ounce fresh lime juice
Salt for rimming the glass
Orange slice and cherry or lime for garnish

I cannot wait to do some consumer testing on this one. Is the sun down below the yardarm?



And all that remains now is to wish you all the happiest of holidays, no matter which one you celebrate at this time of year. May Father Christmas bring you everything you could desire, whether or not you believe in him, and may 2018 bring you all health, wealth and happiness.



Oh and the greatest Christmas movie ever? Was there ever any doubt which one I meant?


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