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I don’t often pick out particular posts that sang to me this month, but this time I’m making an exception. These two posts by Margie Lawson at the Writers In The Storm blog are excellent reminders on writing with punch. Something I need to learn.

Emotion Commotion: Getting Emotion Right on the Page   and   Putting Wow on the Page!

Both worth a read.





Things to Consider When Considering Self Publishing  –  S.R. Johannes, at the Fiction University

Ask The Wendigo: My Advice To A Young Writer and Three Truths About Writing, And How The Writing Gets Done
– Chuck Wendig

Assorted Thoughts On Impostor Syndrome, Gathered In A Bouquet and My Cup Runneth Over: Quick Thoughts On Managing Anxiety – Chuck Wendig

The Benefits of Writing a Novel “Just for Fun” – Janice Hardy,

The Religion Of Fantasy And The Fantasy Of Religion – Philip Athans at Fantasy Authors’ Handbook

2 interesting articles on reviews – In Praise of Negative Reviews and On Bad Reviews


Ursula K. Le Guin On Writing: “Alas, There Are No Recipes”

Tansy Rayner Roberts: Five Things I Learned Writing Girl Reporter

Brooke Bolander: Five Things I Learned While Writing The Only Harmless Great Thing

Dan Koboldt: Nine Years A Penmonkey, And Nine Lessons

Alan Baxter: Five Things I Learned Writing Hidden City





Six Tips for Sequels – Mythcreants blog, which everyone should subscribe to.

The Difference Between a Sequel and a Scene – Janice Hardy, at Fiction University

A 3-Step Plan for Handling Backstory in a Series – Janice Hardy, at Fiction University


How to Get a Great Cover for Your Self-Published Book – theryanlanz at A Writer’s Path

The Latest Trends In Cover Design: Think Pink? –  PJ Parrish at The Kill Zone

3 Ways to Get Book Covers on a Shoestring Budget – J. Kathleen Cheney at Fiction Uni.

3 Signs Your Book Cover Design Misses The MarkLiesha Petrovich at The Write Life


The Sum of the Parts: Writing a Synopsis – Janice Hardy, at Fiction University

Better Book Descriptions in 3 Easy Steps – Sue Coletta at The Kill Zone

4 Reasons Readers Stopped Caring About Your Story – Janice Hardy, at Fiction University

How to Write Kick-Ass Action Scenes (Part 1) and (Part 2)– Laurence MacNaughton at the Fiction University

5 Key Ways to Balance Internal Monologue with Pitfalls to Avoid – Jordan Dane at The Kill Zone

7 Tips for Creating Believable Fantasy or Science Fiction Worlds Janice Hardy, at Fiction University

Structure Matters: Building Great Stories to Endure the Ages and Story: Addictive Design – Kristen Lamb

Getting Dialogue Right: How to Use Dialogue Tags and Action Beats – Ali Luke at the Write Life

Yes, You Can Hiss Without Sibilance – Chuck Wendig





The Difference Between a Revision, a Rewrite, and a Redraft  –  Janice Hardy at Fiction Univeristy

Business Musings: Editorial Encroachment – Kristine Kathryn Rusch







5 Ways That Playing with Pricing Can Sell More Books – Penny Sansevieri


Social Media

Why Should Fiction Writers Blog? – Anne R. Allen at Fiction University



The Long Con: Ten Things You Need to Know About Going to Conventions as a Writer – John G. Hartness, Fiction University






Business Musings on publishing (2017 in Review) : The Big Five  |  The Small Traditional Publishers  |  Bookstores  |  The Indie Publishing Lesson  |  Indie Publishing: The Good Stuff – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Battle of the Book Business: Publishing Cold War is Ending – Kristen Lamb

The Vexing Conundrum of Amazon – Dario Ciriello at Fiction University






The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2018 – Dana Sitar at the Write Life

The Indie Author’s Publishing Checklist –  Jan Lewis at Fiction University

Top Five DIY Book Layout Mistakes – How indie authors can avoid book design pitfalls – Joel Friedlander at booklife


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