Amazing Success At The Rainbow Awards – and God’s Eye News

I’ve held off crowing over the Rainbow Awards, which were announced last week, as I wanted to combine it with news about the publication of The God’s Eye, the third Lancaster’s Luck steampunk romance/adventure. Think of it as me being too considerate to spam you more than once!

First the Rainbows

And there I shall leave it. I was thrilled, I tell you. Thrilled.


Second, The God’s Eye.

This will be the third – and last – adventure of Rafe Lancaster and Ned Winter, set over the Christmas-New Year period of 1902/3. Here’s the blurb:

Rafe Lancaster is reluctantly settling into his role as the First Heir of House Stravaigor. Trapped by his father’s illness and his new responsibilities, Rafe can’t go with lover Ned Winter to Aegypt for the 1902/03 archaeological digging season. Rafe’s unease at being left behind intensifies when Ned’s fascination with the strange Antikythera mechanism and its intriguing link to the Aegyptian god Thoth has Ned heading south to the remote, unexplored highlands of Abyssinia and the course of the Blue Nile.

Searching for Thoth’s deadly secrets, Ned is out of contact and far from help. When he doesn’t return at Christmas as he promised, everything points to trouble. Rafe is left with a stark choice – abandon his dying father or risk never seeing Ned again.

The cover – which I’ll be posting here at Christmas – is wonderful, and by Reese Dante. I adore it. I have a lot of internal art for this book too, from Margaret Warner, the artist who did the maps for the two previous books in the series. This time Margaret’s produced: a map, a diagram of a pyramid and plans of its interior, a Machine … this is a book with *lots* of visuals! Believe me, the plans of the pyramid were a godsend when I was writing the darn thing!

The God’s Eye will be published on 21 January.

Until then, here’s a completely uninformative view of the cover:


But to compensate, here’s the Machine:

And a little meme-y thingamajig:

Stand by for more on God’s Eye at Christmas!


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