I want to be a paperback writer… Paperback writer… SALE!!!


With apologies to the Beatles…

Paperbacks of the first two Lancaster’s Luck books are on sale! Well, those you buy directly from me are.

I always sell the books at a discount compared to Amazon, but I am clearing stocks of the Dreamspinner versions of The Gilded Scarab and The Jackal’s House. I’m offering them now at an absolute snip at £6 each (that’s just over $7, compared to the $13.50 Amazon price).

I’d better warn you that postage may be higher as I’m UK based, and sending parcels overseas is not cheap. I’ve just calculated the cost for a reader for all three books, and it equalled the books’ total price. That may still work out well compared to Amazon prices and shipping, but please bear in mind that the total will include mail costs. It may—or may not!—be an inducement to add that you’ll get a couple of small bits of loot with them and that I’ll sign the books before I send them.

These first edition books are in US English, while the second editions and the third book, The God’s Eye, have reverted to UK style and spelling. Otherwise, there is no material difference between editions.


If you’re interested, pop along here and find the easy-peasy ordering form: https://annabutlerfiction.com/signed-paperbacks/





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