FlashWired Review

Just had a lovely review of FlashWired at Barnes and Noble. The reviewer said:
“’I ve been a fan of Anna’s amateur fiction for over a decade, and am delighted that she’s gone pro. FlashWired is a good solid debut piece, and features many characteristics of her work: sharp dialogue that makes me laugh out loud, richly defined characters, and an engrossing story.

Ultimately, this is Cal’s story; a reflection on his hopes, dreams, and those unfortunate encounters with reality. Beneath Cal’s self-assured and (dare I say it?) flighty exterior, there’s a sense of desperation, a dread that he’s taken too long to speak up for what he wants, a fear that he might lose everything after all.

I’ve read an earlier version of Taking Shield, and I thought the preview chapter would be like meeting up with an old friend. Boy was I wrong! This old friend, who’s always been sharp and stylish, has had a makeover (not that one was needed!), and now sharper and even more stylish than before. Taking Shield is an epic in the truest sense of the word: it encompasses a large cast, galactic events, and keeps the reader (at least me) on the edge of the seat desperate for more. The backstory in Chapter One helps to flesh out Bennet’s colleagues and his supporting cast more fully, giving a clearer sense of his mission and how he fits into the scheme of things. Important relationships are illustrated, giving a good sense of where Bennet came from, where he is now, and where he’s going. I’m eagerly anticipating the first Taking Shield novel – it will certainly be worth the wait!”

I can’t tell you how much this cheered me up on the day my husband got notice of redundancy. Sales of FlashWired are so low as to be negligible, but I’m going to buy a little advertising on FB and I have some stuff to give out at Galacticon next month, and maybe that will push things along a bit.



  1. I’m delighted to hear you’ve got an undoubtedly well deserved and lovely review. I say undoubtedly because despite best intentions I still haven’t had a chance to read FlashWired; what was supposed to be a half hour shopping trip to the supermarket yesterday turned into an all-day affair after I managed to lock my keys into my car! Hopefully today will be less disaster strewn and I can finally read this for myself.


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