More great reviews for FlashWired

Lovely review from fellow m/m writer Sarah Madison at Goodreads  that’s a little long to reproduce here but had me beaming at the screen –


And my first review at Amazon (the UK site) by Cas Winchester.  (Cas Winchester?  Mmn.  I see what you’ve done there…!), who gave it 5 stars – am beaming! – and said:

5.0 out of 5 stars Disturbing and rewarding 22 April 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is one of those books where I get to the end and want to shake it until more comes out. Not because there should be any more – the story is perfectly crafted in scope – but because I became so involved in the universe created in this book that I wanted to continue reading about these characters. I fell a little in love with both Cal and Jeeze. Their faults are not glossed over, but that makes them more real, especially as Cal’s heart is slowly laid bare through the story.

Speaking of real, the atmosphere of the ship and the relationships between characters felt spot on for people working in such an environment, with privacy at a premium. Even the characters who only appear briefly are convincingly drawn. The author also has a sure hand with action scenes, as shown by the building tension when Cal and Noah are planetside.

The story’s plot is somewhat disturbing and holds an unforgiving mirror to a number of subjects. It’s not your average feel-good read, but it is a rewarding one. 

Smirks at the universe.  Only a handful of sales, sadly, but I’m pleased with the reviews it’s had so far.

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