Manchester LGBT Writers Meet Up

Okay, despite D’s awful news last week and despite knowing we’ll have to economise, I’ve decided to go to the Manchester LGBT Writers meet up in July.

While I’m sure everyone is right about the financial return on self-publishing being better in terms of percentage royalties, the truth is that a high percentage of not very much remains not very much at all. The problem with being a newbie and self publishing is that I don’t have enough of a fanbase for people to buy my stuff.  FlashWired doesn’t exactly have scorching sales here. Shield is going to need more of a push if I’m to make it work for me better.  Which means taking lower royalties if  a publishing house accepts it, on the basis that because they’ve got a stake in it too, they’ll drive and push sales.  I may get less proportionately, but more in absolute terms.

I think Shield is saleable – I’ll be offering them a series of five books, most of which is substantially written, although all books need work and the fifth book is a long way from finished. It’s solid science fiction in which the protagonists just happen to be gay, so cuts across both genres.

So to Manchester, to talk to the publishers there and pitch Shield to them.  I’ll need to hone down a sharp and enticing pitch, but it could be my best chance.  Hotel booked, reservation on the Meetup made… now to buy my train ticket.


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