Well, that was nice.  I got a very pleasing review of FlashWired over at Goodreads.  I’d rather given up on the story after the stinker of a review on Amazon, so it was a very pleasant surprise to get this  from a Goodreads user called Ilona:

“This was a well written story with interesting characters and a very unusual alien encounter but.. and it’s a big but… it wasn’t really a good ending for me, hence the mark down to a 4*. On the other hand I would love to read something a little longer from this author as she definitely has a way with words and that makes for an interesting and intriguing read.”

I’m not surprised about the reviewer’s comments on the ending, though. It isn’t a conventional HEA – nothing I write is! – and I do understand that for some people that’s a deal breaker, and for others it seriously affects their enjoyment. FlashWired’s ending is ambiguous. It’s up to the reader to decide if one day, some day soon, Cal will feel Jeeze’s fingers tightening in his, and Jeeze will wake up and realise just what he’s been missing…


Thank you, Ilona, whoever you are.  You made my day today.  And after three hours of struggling with DirectGov online to renew my mother’s disability parking badge, I needed that little lift to the spirits.




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