Submissions to publishers

I’ve finally got around to writing the synopsis for Gyrfalcon (next post!)  in readiness for the UK GLBTQ meeting in Manchester next month, where I hope to get the chance to pitch it to publishers.  

Now, these pitches will be verbal and I’m debating about what to take with me to give them to supplement that. A flashdrive with the synopses and the first three chapters of Gyrfalcon – well yes, I can do that, and maybe that’s the best solution since most of the publishers are coming from the US and won’t want to carry bulky papers around with them. But seriously, that’s also expecting them to bear the brunt of printing out my immortal works, and that doesn’t seem right. It feels presumptuous and rude.  I suppose I could take the flashdrives *and* some printed copies and give them the option on which they may like to take away with them if they’re interested.  Should I just offer to email and post the story to them after the event and hope they remember who the hell I am when they get home? And isn’t assuming that they will be interested enough to want to see the chapters also presumptuous and rude? Yet if I’m not prepared to push and try and sell Shield, then no one else will and I have to have faith enough in what I’ve written to do that pushing. 

Ai, the dilemma!

Advice then, please. If you’re doing a pitch to a publisher who’s visiting from their native country and therefore will have limited luggage space to take home everyone’s pitches, how would you do it?



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