Gilded Scarab and Gyrfalcon Blog Tour-ette.

Only possibly without the swearing.

In ten days, The Gilded Scarab will be published, and two days after that, Gyrfalcon. In a (vain!) attempt to look as though I know what I’m doing when it comes to getting the word out, I’ve set up a few guest spots at blogs belonging to very kind and supportive fellow writers.  The dates and places are listed below.

The big event will, I hope, be the joint launch fandango at Rainbow Gold Reviews on the 17th.  There I hope we can have some fun, and I’ll be setting up rafflecopters to win Gilded Scarab or Gyrfalcon iPad case. At the Dreamspinner FB page event, a little earlier on the 17th, there’s the chance to win a Scarab travel coffee mug (they are cool) and–my personal favourite–come to Wilde City Press’s FB on the 18th to win a retro rocketship pen that makes ‘landing noises’. Who could resist? Come along to them all, if you can.

Each stop on the blog I’ll be giving away Gilded Scarab and Gyrfalcon loot (which will include a free copy of my Sci fi novella, FlashWired), and there will be another rafflecopter for an Amazon gift card, that will end after my final appearance on Sarah Granger’s blog at the end of March.

So, do come along to one or two of these if you can.


13 February Queer Sci Fi blog and FB page
Sarah Madison Fiction
17 February 11 – 1 EST

(4 – 6 pm GMT)

Dreamspinner‘s FB page
5 – 7 pm EST

(10 -12 GMT)

Rainbow Gold Reviews FB page
UK Gay Romance
Elin Gregory
Drops of Ink
19 February Because Two Men Are Better Than One
20 February Lily Blunt
23 February Shae Connor Writes
24 February The Fuzzy, Fluffy World of Chris T Kat
26 February Purple Fantasy Den
02 March Skylar M Cates
04 March Charley Descoteaux Writes
05 March Rebecca Cohen
09 March Susan Laine
11 March Grace Duncan
12 March Cup o’ Porn
16 March Sherrie Henry
18 March Jano Denardo
23 March Brynn Stein
25 March CJane Elliot
27 March Sarah Granger


And to end this, a totally gratuitous picture of the Deputy Editor. From her expression, she is obviously pondering a misplaced semicolon.





  1. Your deputy editor looks adorable as she takes her job seriously! I’m so psyched for you it isn’t funny. Woo-hoo! Looking forward to the tour(s)!


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