The Gilded Scarab/Gyrfalcon Fandango

I have more details now of the launch… well, I hesitate to call it a launch event but on 17 February, I’m having a joint launch thingy for The Gilded Scarab and for Gyrfalcon,
over at the Rainbow Gold Review group on Facebook.


The event will last only a couple of hours at the most, with posts about steampunk (come and learn how to make a steampunk top hat), and coffee, and spaceships, and pretty men, with excerpts from the books… and giveaways.  I have a stock of pretty things to hand out – at least one swag bag per post there AND the chance to win either a Gyrfalcon or a Gilded Scarab iPad case.  One of these, in fact:


Follow the link to…



17 February 2015

5 – 7 pm EST    2 – 4pm  PST
10 – midnight GMT     9 – 11am  Aus/NZ


Do come along. I will hate it to be me and a few cricket noises.  And do pass the word along if you can

Come one, come all!


Details of the blog tour that will follow here 



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