Evolution of a study

My study, in fact. D – being the great husband he is – has worked hard on putting together my study at the new house, ever since all the furniture bits were delivered on Tuesday. Today he transferred my PC from the downstairs office (now Mum’s little sitting room) and, with a few sundry details like putting clocks and pictures on the wall, my new study is all ready.


The room was under its previous owner:



And empty, the morning all our furniture arrived:



And by furniture, I mean piles of crap, obviously. Because boxes of small stuff from my old study. At this point, we’d already built the shelving units and I’d unpacked my books – this is really just the crud:



The new shelving units in place:



And D, (half hidden by a desk leg and therefore the only photo he’d let me post), creating my new desk. Molly, of course, is supervising:



Almost there.  At this point, D had to rewire all the light fittings in the ceiling (they decided to fall out, which was most inconvenient). He then wired in my stereo and speakers, and had a brilliant idea for getting the speaker wire from the little table on the left (the one currently bearing a wastepaper basket containing the inevitable crud) to the shelving system on the other side of the room. The thin, flat wire was carefully slipped into the crack between the floorboards, and then gone over with a black magic marker. You’d never know it was there. Sadly, the photos of it are crap, so I can’t show you. Take my word for it.



PC installed. All done!





Beautiful, isn’t it? Sadly, though, now there’s no excuse not to crack on with work, is there? Sigh.




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