Dragons and fantasy and Qaida Harte…

I love fantasy. The most exciting words in the language, and certainly written on any map, are “Here be dragons.” It conjures up so much of high adventure and heroes, of strange lands and mysterious peoples, of deeds of great renown, of perilous treasures that seduce and betray, and of love so deep that it braves all danger and leaves no one untouched.

So it’s with great pleasure that I’m posting today to support Qaida Harte’s new release with Dreamspinner, Dragon’s Treasure. The title says it all, doesn’t it? Only, what is the treasure, I wonder? Gold and jewels, a la Smaug? Or love so deep it braves all danger…

DragonsTreasureFS I vote for love, myself. That lovely cover is a clue there!



College student Ahndrai has the ill fortune of falling into the grasp of an attractive, sadistic vampire. He encounters Eita, a vampire who lusts for Ahndrai’s sweet blood and tears apart his world. Eita proves that every myth and legend ever written is only too real, and they are far darker than portrayed in any story.

Ahndrai must face a host of monsters that Eita allows to attack and kill him. Each time Ahndrai dies, Eita revives him so he can continue to feed off him. Ahndrai believes that every creature is as cruel and unforgiving as Eita. Then Nakiirn, a dragon prince, rescues Ahndrai. But even after Ahndrai overcomes his fears and falls in love with Nakiirn, they must both contend with Eita’s cruelty again before the vampire succeeds in claiming Ahndrai once more.




Dreamspinner e-Book

Dreamspinner print version




Qaida Harte is a new author with Dreamspinner, her first publication releases this December.

Qaida has been writing for most of her life and has always dreamed of being published. Her preferred genres are modern fantasy and erotica. Action and danger are a must in the themes of her projects, as well as that steamy romance to help ease all the heart ache.

She currently resides in the beautiful town of Reno, Nevada with her wonderful husband. Days are spent pounding away on a keyboard with a hot cup of coffee and music blasting. There is an endless amount of characters and dark plots weaving and too little time to get them all done.

Contact Qaida :

Email : qaida.harte@gmail.com

Website : http://www.qaidaharte.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Qaida_Harte



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