Links to Blog Posts on Writing – July 2016


I’m afraid family and the need to get the next Shield book to my editor took precedence this month over the links list, but hey, only a day late. And hopefully not short even a quid (broadly equivalent to the dollar these days).



Mudlark – a person who scavenges in riverside mud at low tide for anything of value.

Mudlarks of Victorian London in the River Thames, from "The Headington Magazine" 1871 (public domain image).
Mudlarks of Victorian London in the River Thames, from “The Headington Magazine” 1871 (public domain image).




Writing Advice From Ray Bradbury

Is Being a “Good” Girl Hurting Your Career? Why “Bad” Girls Become Best-Sellers – Kristen Lamb, hitting the mark as usual.

Take Two: Challenges of Sequel Writing (and ways to overcome them) – Stephanie Gaither at Fiction University

Beth Lewis: Five Things I Learned While Writing The Wolf Road



Deep POV and Narrative Distance—Part 1 and Part 2 – really good posts at The Editor’s Blog.

Ten hand to hand combat myths writers need to stop using – Andrew Jack at the Evil League of Evil Writers (yup, seriously) with a really useful post for those of us who like to rough up our characters. Some good comments there too.

How to Write an Eating Scene – James Scott Bell at The Kill Zone

The Long and the Short of Stories (or advice on short fiction) – James R Tuck at Fiction University. Good advice hereLinks2

6 Stage Plot Structure For Successful Storytelling – another Writers Write cool infographic.

Three Words That Are Killing Your Manuscript – Janice Hardy at Fiction University.

4 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Writing – Alex Limberg guesting at Kristen Lamb’s blog.

At the Mythcreants blog:
Seven Great Sources of Conflict for Romances
Four Tips for Depicting Characters With Disabilities
Defeating the Contrivance Bogeyman
Five Ways to Make Your World Feel Lived In
Seven Rules of Effective Prose



Finding Your Audience Part Two – Think Long Term & Build Relationships – Angela Quarles at Fiction University. Link to part one in the first para.

Street Teams: When and How do you start them when you have nothing to offer? – Kerry Lonsdale at Writers In The Storm

How to Write (and Not to Write) an Author Bio – Gail Carriger at the Fiction university.

Facebook Ads Work: How to Use Facebook to Reach Niche Readers – Barbara Morgenroth

9 Ways to Market a Book After the New Release Buzz Dies Down – Diana Urban at BookBub.



Links6The Contract Termination Clause / Rights Reversions / Discount Abuse / Other Evil Clauses / Protecting Your Content and Your Name     5 posts in Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s continuing **must read** series
on authorial contracts.

“Busting” Some Popular Copyright Myths – Susan Spann with *her* continuing series on contracting, at Writers In The Storm



14 Books Every Writer Needs On Their Shelf



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