OMG – Eleventh Hour is out today

I love Elin Gregory’s writing, so I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Reblogged from Elin’s website.

Elin Gregory

This is the book I thought I’d never finish! It’s one I REALLY wanted to write about someone I really wanted to write about but when I started it I’d never actually heard the term gender fluid, I just honestly felt there ought to be such a thing. Anyway, here it is and I honestly hope I haven’t got Miles too wrong. Neither of us intend to offend. If I did, please let me know and I’ll promise to do better another time. But I hope you enjoy it too.


Borrowed from the Secret Intelligence Service cipher department to assist Briers Allerdale – a field agent returning to 1920s London with news of a dangerous anarchist plot – Miles Siward moves into a ‘couples only’ boarding house, posing as Allerdale’s ‘wife’. Miles relishes the opportunity to allow his alter ego, Millie, to spread her wings but if Miles…

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