Links To Blog Posts On Writing – September 2016


Not a lot caught my attention this month, but here’s a few interesting articles to chew over.



The Anatomy Of A Best-Selling Book (Infographic) from Writers Write

K.C. Alexander: Publishing While Female (Or, “Why I Stopped Internalizing Your Shit”)

Michelle Belanger: Five Things I Learned Writing Harsh Gods



From Writer’s Write:
5 Weak Words To Avoid & What To Use Instead
It’s All About The Pace (13 Ways To Change It When You Write)
7 Ways To Tell If You Have Too Much Plot In Your Story

Elsa S. Henry: On Teaching Disabled Representation In Fiction guesting at Chuck Wendig’s blog.

How to Write a Story Without an Outline – at the Write Practice.

Bulking Up: Fleshing Out a Too-Short Novel – Janice Hardy at the Fiction University

Active Search: Something Was Verbing Philip Athans at Fantasy Authors Handbook on active voice.

Writing Dual POVs  Advice from the Grammar Girl.

Don’t Let Back Story Slow Us Down – Janice Hardy

Adding Depth to Your Fiction—Body Language 101 – advice from Kristen Lamb

Writing fighting: Time perception – Andrew Jack at The Evil League of Evil Writers

Where to Put Your Dialogue Tags – Janice Hardy at the Fiction University

Nail That First Line! – Laura Drake at Writers In The Storm.



In Writing, The Rules Are True, Until They’re Not

What Fiction Can Do For The Writer And The Reader

Here’s How To Finish That Fucking Book, You Monster

It Is Art That Will Help Us Survive

Yes, Virginia, Writing Is Too A Job



How to Make the Most of Goodreads Giveaways – Penny Sansevierei at Digital Book World

What’s Your Newsletter Plan? Part Two  – Jami Gold at the Fiction University



A Real Book Contract  /  Myth Busting – Kristine Kathryn Rusch concludes her *brilliant* series on Contracting.

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