Links to Blog Posts on Writing August-October 2017






Not Being Inclusive Is Also A Political Choice – Chuck Wendig

An Oubliette Of Unconventional Writing Advice – Chuck Wendig

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted? Why Fiction Heals Like Nothing Else Can – Kristen Lamb

Sometimes Storytelling Is Just Resource Management – Chuck Wendig

PSA To Writers: Don’t Be A Shit-Flinging Gibbon – Chuck Wendig

How To Write While The World Burns – Michael J. Martinez at Chuck Wendig’s blog


Get Out of Your Own Way: 6 Creative Tips to Crush Writer’s Block Rebecca Rine at the Write Life

Five Tips for Dealing with Writer’s Block  and  9 Ideas to Get Inspiration or Beat Writer’s Block –  theryanlanz at A Writers Path

A Simple Solution For When Your Story Hits The Wall –  Chuck Wendig

Avoiding the Unmentionable (Writer’s Block) – Ramey Channell at Fiction University


The Hack’s Guide to Dealing with Book Reviews – Bill Ferris at Writer Unboxed


Vivian Shaw: Five Things I Learned Writing Strange Practice

Katherine Locke: Five Things I Learned Writing The Girl With The Red Balloon

Ferrett Steinmetz: Five Things I Learned Writing The Uploaded

Walt Williams: Five Things I Learned Writing My Memoir

Alethea Kontis: Five Things I Learned Writing When Tinker Met Bell

Kali Wallace: Five Things I Learned Writing The Memory Trees





Showing Versus Telling: So SHOW Me Already! – PJ Parrish at The Kill Zone

7 Words That Often Tell, Not Show – Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Creating Conflict in Your Novel – Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Six Simple Reasons Our Story Sucks & How to Fix It – by Kristen Lamb

6 Easy Steps to Unforgettable Characters – Laurence MacNaughton at Fiction University

The Write Stuff: Creating Strong, Authentic Female Characters –  Cait Reynolds

Most Common Writing Mistakes, Pt. 61: 5 Types of Clunky Dialogue – K M Weiland

Ten Ways to Switch Up Your Sentences –  Chris Winkle at Mythcreants

How to Talk Tough – James Scott Bell at The Kill Zone

7 Tips For Writing Great Love Scenes – Joyce Scarbrough at Fiction University





Cover Art FAQ: Answered – June Stevens Westerfield







Let’s Do Launch! Getting Out the Word About Your Book  – Peggy J Shaw at the Fiction University

Note to All Creatives: Marketing is Your Job – Ryan Holliday at The Mission

Business Musings: Expand Your Target Audience 3: Aggressive Growth (Branding/Discoverability) by Kristine Kathryn Rusch


Social Media

7 Social Media Tips For Writers Who Want to Get Noticed – Vanessa Gillette at the Write Life







The Persistent Taint of Self-Publishing – Dario Ciriello at Fiction University

The Only Rule Amazon Truly Cares About  – David Gaughran






What to Look for in “Out of Print” Termination Clauses – Susan Spann

Stealing Intellectual Property Kristine Kathryn Rusch.






25 Must-Read Books About Writing

Do it Yourself: A 10-Step Guide to Self-Publishing an AudiobookBy Warren Adler

Show the Love—Genre Requirements (Romance) – by Fiction Editor Beth Hill



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