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I’m over the moon about this book and so delighted that publication day has arrived at last. I’ve learned so much about writing since the very first of the Lancaster’s Luck books two and a half years ago, and I genuinely believe this is the best one I’ve done. It’s a romantic adventure. Or an adventurous romance? Anyhow, there are aeroships and deserts, whirling Dervishes and jackals, archaeologists and assassins, villains and lovers, love and hate.

I do hope you grow to love this as much as I do!



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About The Jackal’s House


Something is stalking the Aegyptian night and endangering the archaeologists excavating the mysterious temple ruins in Abydos. But is it a vengeful ancient spirit or a very modern conspiracy…

Rafe Lancaster’s relationship with Gallowglass First Heir, Ned Winter, flourishes over the summer of 1900, and when Rafe’s House encourages him to join Ned’s next archaeological expedition, he sees a chance for it to deepen further. Since all the Houses of the Britannic Imperium, Rafe’s included, view assassination as a convenient solution to most problems, he packs his aether pistol—just in case.

Trouble finds them in Abydos. Rafe and Ned begin to wonder if they’re facing opposition to the Temple of Seti being disturbed. What begins as tricks and pranks escalates to attacks and death, while the figure of the Dog—the jackal-headed god Anubis, ruler of death—casts a long shadow over the desert sands. Destruction follows in his wake as he returns to reclaim his place in Abydos. Can Rafe and Ned stand against both the god and House plots when the life of Ned’s son is on the line?

Title:                           The Jackal’s House
Series:                         Lancaster’s Luck: Book II.  Sequel to The Gilded Scarab
Publisher:                   Dreamspinner Press
Publication Date:      30 October 2017
Genre:                        Steampunk adventure m/m romance
Wordcount:               c111,600
Cover Artist:              Reese Dante
Illustrator (Map):      Margaret Warner

Find out more about the Lancaster’s Luck books and the world of Rafe and Ned


I like kissing.

Like Ned, I’d spent years in hiding. His constraint had been matrimony and the sense of honor and duty that would never have allowed him to be unfaithful to the mother of his sons. Only her untimely death had released those bonds. Mine had been less noble: I had no desire for a court-martial and a dishonorable discharge from Her Imperial Majesty’s Aero Corps. Most of my encounters over the years had been quick and furtive, but I’d taken every chance I could to practice my technique.

I not only liked kissing, I was good at it.

Fast little kisses to start with, kisses that barely made contact with the skin of Ned’s throat, kisses meant to tease. He tilted his head back to let me in, closing his eyes. His mouth opened on a soft sigh. I hoped he was giving himself up to the pleasure, losing himself in it, that nothing mattered to him at that moment except the feel of my mouth on his throat and lips. I hoped so. I wanted to please him.

I kissed and licked the delicate skin under his ear until he choked with laughter at the tickling. He tightened his grip on my hands and tugged at them until I raised my head. Ha! He’d lulled me into trusting him there and took full advantage of it. He swooped to capture my mouth with his, cutting off breath and thought, bringing a dizzying warmth with his hot tongue, and making me moan.

Of course, they were very manly moans.


Launch Tour and Giveaways

I’ll be visiting various blogs to promote the book. At each blog, you get the chance to enter a rafflecoptor to win a $25 Amazon gift voucher (details of the rafflecoptor below). Visit one of more of these blogs to enter – there’s lots of choice!

October 25 My Fiction Nook
October 28 Rebecca Cohen Writes
October 30 abibliophobia anonymous book reviews
October 30 Bayou Book Junkie
October 30 Chez Shay Online
October 30 Diverse Reader
October 30 Elin Gregory
October 30 Eyes On Books
October 30 Hoards Jumble
October 30 Love Bytes
October 30 MJ’s Book Blog and Reviews
October 30 Padme’s Library
October 30 Queer Sci Fi
October 30 Sarah Madison Fiction
October 30 Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
October 30 Stories That Make You Smile
October 30 The Way She Reads
October 30 Unquietly Me
October 30 Zipper Rippers
October 31 G & T’s Indie Café
October 31 Happily Ever After
October 31 Jim’s Reading Room
October 31 MM Good Book Reviews
October 31 RAM PA Group
November 1 Louise Lyons
November 1 Open Skye Book Reviews
November 2 DreamReaders FB Group
November 2 Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
November 3 Dreamspinner Press Blog
November 3 The Novel Approach
November 6 RJ Scott
November 7 Gay Book Reviews
November 10 Alpha Book Club
November 1  Nerdy Dirty and Flirty
November 3  Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words
November 8  Jim’s Reading Room
November 8  MM Good Book Reviews
November 8  My Fiction Nook
November 10 Bayou Book Junkie
November 10 Drops of Ink
November 10  Padme’s Library



At every stop on the tours – or here! – you can enter the Rafflecoptor draw for

1st prize—$25 or equivalent Amazon gift card

2nd prize—a signed paperback of the first Lancaster’s Luck book, The Gilded Scarab...


Winners of PreOrder Prize Draw

1st Prize
Signed copy of The Gilded Scarab

2nd Prize
Gilded Scarab travel coffee mug

3rd Prize
Anubis pendant




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