Links to Blog Posts on Writing November-December 2017






The Danger of Writing Advice From Industry Professionals – Chuck Wendig, who really loves irony.

The Writers’ Journey: Newbie to Mastery – by Kristen Lamb

Burnout and the Indie WriterSustainabilityQuitting  by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

6 Things to Consider Before Writing a Series By Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Six Common Problems With Long Series – Oren Ashkenazi at Mythcreants

6 Tips to Survive a Writing Disaster  by Kourtney Heintz at Writers In The Storm

A Saucy Recipe For Nanowrimo Success! by Chuck Wendig,  Art Harder!

Fonda Lee: Jade City, An Anti-Nanowrimo Case Study

Learn How to Master Fear Then Put It to WORK by Kristen Lamb

Why E-Book Piracy Matters – By Jana Oliver

Writer Resolution, 2018: Write With Intentionality – Chuck Wendig


Spencer Ellsworth: Five Things I Learned Writing Shadow Sun Seven

Tracy Townsend: Five Things I Learned Writing The Nine

Leanna Renee Hieber: Five Things I Learned (And Re-Learned!) Writing The Eterna Solution





Showing and Telling Particulars by Beth Hill at The Editor’s Blog

The Essential Ingredient Of Hard Choices – Chuck Wendig

The Impossible Choice: A Surefire Way to Hook Your Readers – Janice Hardy’s take on the same subject as Chuck, at Fiction University

Dismemberment–Taking Characters Apart in All the Wrong Ways – by Cait Reynolds

Your ultimate body language guide Alex Limberg at Ride The Pen

The Ultimate Guide to Character Motivation (Part 1) and (Part 2)– By Laurence MacNaughton, at The Fiction University

8 Tips for Creating Characters – By Janice Hardy at Fiction University

Plotting With Layers: 4 Steps to a Stronger Plot – By Janice Hardy

A Little About Endings – by Philip Athans at Fantasy Author’s Handbook

Bring Your Dialogue to Life – Writer Unboxed

4 Tips on Writing Action Scenes – Janice Hardy at The Fiction University

Ten Tasks of the First Chapter – Blood Red Pencil







How to Build an Author Website: The Complete Guide » – The Write Practice

Self-Editing One Step at a Time: How to Identify Dragging Narrative | Weeding Out Unnecessary Adjectives and AdverbsSearching for More Silly StuffIdentifying and Eliminating Your Habit WordsCleaning Up Those Dialogue TagsAnalyzing Sentences for Redundancy and WordinessFine-Tuning Sentence StructureRead Your Manuscript Aloud – at The Blood Red Pencil






Judging a Book By Its Cover –  John Gilstrap at The Kill Zone
8 Ways For Authors to Waste Their Money – Nate Hoffelder
Understanding Pay-Per Advertising – By Marcy Kennedy






Kindle Unlimited: Good Plan or KU Hamster Wheel of Death? – by Kristen Lamb

Business Musings: The Year in Review (Overview) – by Kristine Kathryn Rusch








A Scene Template For New Writers – James Scott Bell at The Kill Zone

The Organized Writer: A Case for Non-Fancy Bullet Journaling – By Angela Quarles



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