2017 – Stop The World – we all should get off

I was going to write a long post about how horrid 2017 has been, what with Trump and the Alt-Right in the US, and Brexit w-t-fuckery and the death of decency here, and more death and destruction everywhere, and Trump and looming conflicts with really, really stable regimes </sarcasm> such as those in North Korea that have honest to god nuclear weapons… but then I reread what I wrote last year, and do you know, I’d just be repeating myself.  So to save us all the bother, here’s the link:

2016 – Making Satire Obsolete

Just change the year to 2017 and Robert is your parental male relative.


The Victorians knew a thing or two about bloated plutocrats glorying in their power over us, didn’t they? Almost prophetic.  Well, it was this one or a rather odd animated potato, which just goes to prove how very out of their gourds the Victorians really were.

Oh, what the hell.

May 2018 bring you health and happiness, despite all the w-t-fuckery in the world. Keep on going, if only to confound our enemies. Keep strong. Stay united. Non illegitimis carborundum, as they never ever said in Rome, but let’s make it our motto for 2018.


glitter maker


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